September 15, 2018
Our community brings you the best of everything that Hungary, Transylvania (Erdély), Southern Low Lands (Vajdaság) and Northern Upper Lands (Felvidék) have to offer:
Food ~ Dance ~ Music ~ Movies ~ History ~ Art

Enyedi Salamon Quartet and István Berecz - Our concert presents the authentic folk music of the different, sometimes remote regions of the Carpathian Basin. Hungarian folk music is characterised by its various authentic styles, different variations of tunes and several types of instruments. One of the aims of our concerts is to show this diverse musical world, especially that of the Transylvanian, Moldavian and Transdanubian regions. Besides, we also focus on those remote areas which are less represented in the dance house movement, e.g. the archaic and peculiar folk music of Székelyföld (Seclerland). This special music is typical of Gyergyó region, which had a great impact on the music of Bartók Béla. In addition to the concerts we can provide other programs as well: concerts and different programs for children; workshops; dance lessons and dance house events; presentations about folk music and ethnography. The authentic and virtuosic experience is guaranteed by the skilled members of the Enyedi-Salamon Quartet and one of Hungary’s best dancers, István Berecz!

Borozda Folk Dance Group is showcasing folk dances from diverse regions of Hungary and Transylvania. Their mission is to actively preserve Hungarian dance and traditions, and to share this rich folk culture with others. The dancers have performed at various Hungarian events in the Chicagoland area.

Taste of Hungary

Program - Outside

  • 11:00pm -- Greetings
  • 1:00pm -- LIVE Cooking show - kolbász töltés (stuffing sausage live)
  • 1:30pm -- Games
  • 2:00pm -- Enyedi-Salamon Quartet & Berecz Istvan
  • 2:00pm -- Children's face painting
  • 3:00pm -- Kormorán & Babos Alpár and his partner
  • 4:00pm -- LIVE Cooking show - Gulyás & Csirkepaprikás (goulash and paprika chicken)
  • 5:00pm -- Borozda Ensemble with the Enyedi-Salamon Quartet and the Szászka
  • 6:00pm -- Teaching traditional Hungarian folk dance for children – Babos Alpár and his partner
  • 6:30pm -- Teaching traditional Hungarian folk dance for adults – Berecz István
  • 7:00pm -- Kormorán
  • 8:00pm -- Tábortűz – Campfire - Csaba Tamás

Program - Inside

  • 12:00pm -- Hungary (overview - 60 min)
  • 2:00pm -- National parks, Colors of Hungary ... (short films - 30 min)
  • 2:30pm -- SPARKS Hungarian Creativity & Innovation (short film - 15 min)
  • 6:00pm -- István a király - Istvan/Steven the king (rock opera/film - 90 min)


Entrance fee:
~ $20 - adults (ticket includes 3 samplings)
~ $5 - each additional sampling
~ $5 - children under 12 (ticket include 1 sampling)
~ free - children under 6